Special offer on Folkestone Boot Camps Limited Time….

August special offer!


Get unlimited access to all my boot camps every week – that 4 at the moment Monday 1930, Thursday 1800 (The Music rm, below The Grand), Wednesday 0615 & Thursday 0930 ( meet at The Bandstand, The Leas) more coming on soon!


This is what you get….


  • Weekly motivational text & support
  • Workout – at – Home Programme
  • Monthly body stat analysis
  • Healthy eating 28 day detox plan
  • Regular health & fitness articles sent to you
  • Experience of a personal trainer/lifestyle coach/fitness consultant with over 21 years!
  • Different workouts every session
  • Help & support to achieve your fat loss/fitness goals


This is a one off fee for one year ofunlimited boot camp training, so any other boot camp that come on you can join them too!


My offer only last till 15th August then its gone!      £1100 per person pay now and forget it for a whole year!


Pay by bank tranfer or paypal.


Don’t forget its gone by 15th August









T&C – Its not transferable, there are no refunds, you cannot add any months on at the end if you go away on hols etc.

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