Xmas Health & Fitness Tips

Hello Fitness Friends


I hope your xmas preparations are going smoothly and you’re not getting too stressed out, because you know how bad that is for you…


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So it’s the time to be merry and be kind to one another, but are you going to be kind to your body?

We all know this time of year tends to bring out more chocolate, more alcohol, more cakes, and more sweets, and generally we overdue everything! more fat calories equals more fat weight unless we do something about it, everyone I am sure will have a fab Xmas and new year, the problems start after all the partying and celebrations, during the following year we will all be struggling to get that excess weight off due to all the extra alcohol and food we consumed over Xmas and new year. Summers around the corner and you need to trim up for that holiday because you over did it, at when? Xmas!

I am not trying to be a bore, hey I like to party and let my hair down, but I exercise!

Remember that eight letter word, because every year more and more people become obese/overweight causing heart problems, physical disabilities, so do yourself a favour and your family and get out and exercise, it’s not just for the new year, although preparing and setting goals and perhaps deciding to start a healthy fitness program in the new year is an excellent way to get the ball rolling.

Back to the partying season – why not take the family out for a brisk walk on Xmas morning, it will certainly get you appetite up! or if you are fitter there are many boxing day fun runs!

Remember it’s not what you eat over Xmas and new year but what you ate at Xmas and new year 2010/11, the weight just does not come on over night, many people have goals that are really unachievable so please be realistic, to gain 1lb of body fat you need to eat about 3500 calories more than you need, an ideal fat loss is about 1 to 2lbs each week, try to eat fewer energy rich foods, cut your fat intake, and yes that eight letter word again – exercise!!

To help you over the Xmas and new year I put together some HOT tips to help you cope with all that partying!


My top survival tips

1. Don’t go to a party starving, have a light low fat snack or meal before you go, perhaps soup

and some bread, so you won’t go for that mountain of a buffet at the party! I don’t mean don’t eat when you get there cause you will need to, especially if you are going to consume alcohol.


2. Alternate between an alcoholic drink and perhaps some water or if you don’t what to be that UN-cool try orange and lemonade or one of those fizzy fruit juices – you will thank me in the morning!!


3. We all overdo the food shopping at Xmas, the shops are only closed for one day! So just buy enough, not the whole shop……


4. Reduce your portion sizes – the food on your plate.


5. Only eat when you are hungry.



6. Be kind to yourself why not alternate between those chocolate sweets and some fresh fruit.



7. Try reducing the fat used in those traditional Xmas foods you cook, using semi-skimmed milk instead of full cream, there are plenty of alternatives.



8. Rather than being a couch potato after eating all that food, Go for a brisk walk. Sitting down and playing those board games leads to picking at more food!!



9. That eight letter word again EXERCISE!! Go to your regular fitness classes if they are available or try swimming or cycling – take a break.


I have always said “you are what you eat”



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