Fat Busting 4 Week Body Transformation Programme 8/8/16 -2/9/16


Hello are you as busy as I am? Don’t have enough time in the day to invest in your health & fitness? Get up, kids, work, kids, bed. Done?


Investing in one’s health is essential if you want to have a body that will stand the test of time….and work…..and kids…..and well I could go on.

YOU only have one body to last for 80, 90 years? That’s a long time, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be having problems with my joints/muscles/heart later in life. So invest in YOU now, to get the most from your body in the future.

Come and join us if you feel stressed, tired…yep you heard that correct! If you feel unhappy with your body shape, got a beer belly that won’t budge? Or have bingo wings that get bigger by the day? On top of that, you have tried every diet under the sun and still putting on the weight? If it’s a YES? Then you need to join me at my early morning boot camp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0605 for 0615 -0700, we meet at The Bandstand, The Leas, Folkestone. I will support and guide you on a health and fitness journey like never before…You have nothing to lose and everything to gain; improved mental well-being, improved fitness levels, muscle tone, less fat, feel fabulous and much happier than before you started…..Guaranteed or I will refund your money What do you have to lose?

YOU must be committed and attend every class for 4 weeks, you are also expected to workout at home with a exercise plan which will be provided, as well as adhering to a healthy eating plan…just for 28 days.

Burn over 1500 calories during and afterwards for up to 3 hours, The cost is £89 for one month that’s 3 sessions a week, 12 sessions over the month, includes a body stat analysis at start, at week two, and at the end, as well as a workout at-home programme, meal plans, healthy eating detox plan. All for only £7.41 per session.  Each session will include Tabata & HIIT training, power walking, short bursts of jogging/sprints.  Starting September 5th – September 30th,  if you want to see some significant changes in your body shape over 4 weeks you need to book this up limited spaces taking on only 20 people to help. Call 07768437409 now or message me via Facebook at andyking or folkestonebootcamps or akhealthandfitness

Upcoming Body Transformation Programmes

August  8/8/16  – 2/9/16   9 sessions, time 0615 -0700, location Bandstand, The Leas, Folkestone. Cost £69 via Pay Pal/Bank Transfer

September 5/9/16 – 30/9/26  12 sessions (only £7.41 ps), Time 0615 – 0700, Location The Bandstand, Cost £89, Pay by Pay Pal or bank Transfer

October – 3/10/16 – 2/11/16  12 sessions (away on the 14/10 & 17/10), Location; The Bandstand, Cost £89, Pay via Pay Pal or bank Transfer

Other regular boot camps; Mondays 1930, Thursdays 1800 meet at The Music Room, below The Grand, Wednesdays 0615/Thursdays 0930 meet at The Bandstand, The Leas, Folkestone. Each session is £6.


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